Black and White Records


Black and White Records is one of the only record labels in North America who still believes in the artist first and profit later. “We still roll the dice because we feel the music”. We will always sign artist who are the very best at what they do. We are black and White records and we still believe in music...

  We would like to offer you our newest recording of pianist Jonathan Cooper. Jonathan is a gifted pianist that has inspired many people both young and old. He piano work is some of the best we have ever heard. His New album entitled Jesus Loves Me can be purchased at ITunes,, and other high quality internet music sites. Just search Jonathan Cooper A Gospel Christmas at any internet music store or get your CD direct from or from Black And White Records.

To read more about Jonathan Cooper click the picture above.

The Piano Master’s new album has been well received by many and is getting high praises from around the world.

D. Theoplis is having fun and saving lives. His music has touched so many. Look for his music to touch you as you listen this inspiring music.

Brian’s new music is straight from his journeys in Europe. Brian hit the road and took nothing but his guitar.  His new album is full of rich sounds that will please your ears.  Listen to the stories of Brian, his travels, and the people he met.

  Here is just a sample of Jonathan’s new album. Be sure to click the Itunes link to listen to samples from this entire album. Jonathan travels the country spreading God’s word. Purchasing his music helps support Jonathan on the road.